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Barrett Leather

Adult Leather Belt

Adult Leather Belt

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The iconic ring belt, an enduring classic design that features expertly plaited and woven strands of Australian Leather, by none other than John Barrett himself. Australian made, located in the famous Horton Valley, NSW. Thread a piece of outback adventure through your belt loops today!

The leather ensures durability for daily wear and tear while ensuring the perfect addition for any outfit and occasion. 

  • Hand plaited
  • Available in various colours
  • 25mm wide
  • Two brass rings

NOTE on Length

A 73cm belt length actually measures 83cm i.e. it allows a 10cm turnback to go through the rings. All belts have this 10cm turnback built into the size.

Red: 102cm

Black (DD Buckle): 95cm

Black (D Buckle): 95cm

Dark Tan: 96cm

Tan (DD Buckle): 100cm

Tan (Small Rings): 92cm

Tan (Large Rings): 98cm


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